Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Online Craft Show

Good morning everyone,

Well, last week craft show took place, and it ended Monday night with only 3 bears that did not get adopted.  I was really happy with the results.  I will have another one eventually.  I did plan to have one in July, but I'll see how it goes.  I wanted to thank all of those that bought bears and all of those that gave me support and cheered me on. 

It was really nice to have a small craft show and not have to deal with the fees, the move in, the set up, and then the take down and being just exhausted.  The plus side to a craft show, though, is meeting new and different people and seeing their reactions to the bears.

I will be slowing down making bears.  I have started a new craft project so I won't burn myself out on one.  I really like crocheting bears, and I don't want to get to the point where making a bear is getting difficult.  The last break I took, I didn't crochet a bear for a year.

Thank you so much for visiting my auction today.  Take care.

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