Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tiny Bears Collection

The name seems pretty straight forward, right?  These next bears were made out of Dee-Lite Punch Thread.  This thread is like a very thin yarn.  When I make bears out of this, they turn out really tiny, sometimes less than an inch.

Usually, I would have the color names for each thread I used, but for a couple I don't.  So, when I describe each bear, I might leave out the color name.  Lets get started with the first tinee tiny bear in this collection.

This is bear 718.  On your monitor, the bear may look like a pale yellow, but the color is more like cream.  This little bear is abroundd 1 1/4 inch.

Bear 719 has a ton of personality in its tiny body.  Made from two colors.  The color for this bear appears to be tan and bone.  I used brown embroidery floss to make her nose.  Her eyes were made from seedlike brown beads.

This is Bear 720.  She is around the same size as the two previous bears, a little over an inch at full length.  Her nose is made from brown embroidery floss, and she has tiny seedlike beads for eyes.  For some reason, she was a little tough for me to crochet, but I was glad to complete her.  She turned out pretty good despite the struggle I had.

Bear 721 is the tiniest bear out of all 3.  She is exactly 1 inch tall.  The color of this bear is a tan, but the darker color looks like a very dark, rich burgundy or a rich color brown.  I'm not sure what the color would like on your monitor, but she is a georgeous bear.  Despite the fact this bear is smaller than the others, it was easier to make.  I was very happy with how this bear turned out.

These four bears are so tiny that I had to compare the size of this bear to other bears that were made before.  Look at the pictures below.


The blue bear looks like a giant next to the one in front of it.  The quarter I used almost hides the bear.

So I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog today.  The collection is steady growing, and I am glad to share this information with you.

If you have any questions, please leave a message.  Take care and have a wonderful day.