Friday, October 21, 2011

Suede Bears

Suede has always been one of my favorite mediums to use when crocheting bears.  The fabric it creates is so beautiful.  I wish I had an endless supply of suede yarn.  In this next collection, I used Lion Brand Suede Yarn.  Unfortunately, the suede yarn is discontinued for that brand, and I am so disappointed.

Take a look at the three bears I made using Lion Brand Suede Yarn.

The main colors I used in this collection were taupe, coffee, ebony, and ecru.  Their range of height is between 3 inches and 4 inches.  They can be held in the palm of your hand with no weight bearing down.  Each bear is stuff with 100% polyester polyfil, has black 4 mm round beads for eyes, and embroidery floss was used to create their nose.  They are smooth to the touch and so soft.  Let me introduce you to each one.

The first bear is sequence number 729.  She is made from Lion Brand Suede Yarn taupe.  She is wearing a polka dot ribbon and treble clef with the word "music" charm.  She is so cute.  She can't see over her nose.

I put a lot of thought into creating Bear 730.  The colors played in mind for a long time, and I was glad to finally make her.  She was made from ebony and ecru Lion Brand Suede yarn.  She has a charm with no ribbon.  The charm itself being a bow made the look complete.  I truly like this bear with its sophisticated black and white look.

Bear 731 is such a camera hog.  I couldn't take enough pictures of this cutie.  Her colors are coffee and taupe.  She is wearing a heart button on her body and a ribbon.  I used the last of my coffee Lion Brand Suede yarn to create her.  I wish I had more.

This last picture is to show how big she is while in my hand.  She fits perfect, and she's not heavy at all. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this posting of my bears.  I try upload once a week or so everytime I complete a few.  I update my facebook page more often, and if you want to keep more to update, "Like" Bridenbun Charmed Cubs on Facebook.  I always look forward to new friends joining me as I crochet more and more bears.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm so glad you allow me to share my crafts with you.  Take care and everyone.  Be safe.

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