Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soft Cushy Bears

These next set of bears are so soft and cushy.  They're made from Baby Bee Pitter Patter yarn that you can still buy at Hobby Lobby.  The yarn is perfect for baby blankets because it is so soft.  It's perfect for my bears, too.  Take a look at the bears below.

You may remember this bear from an earlier post.  She is a part of the group I am presenting.  She is very chocolate and cushy.  Her face looks like she has worry wrinkles.

This is Bear 726.  She is made from beautiful soft baby colors, sugar plum and boo pink.  She is wearing a plastic seashell button with a pink ribbon.  I thought this was a very sweet looking bear with its soft pastel colors.

Bear 727 is made from the colors angel and peapod.  She is wearing a large metal flower charm with a gem in the middle.  She is a handfull of love.

This next little bear is confused but she knows what she's made of.  The color name is "ombre", and her snot is the color of "rosy cheeks".  I think she's very unique looking.  So sweet with her heart button and orange ribbon.

This is a wonderful collection of bears that will be a part of the craft show in December.  I'll try to update again soon with more bears.  Thanks for coming by.

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