Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Chenille Artist Bears

Chenille yarn is becoming one of my favorite kinds of yarn to use to make bears.  When I got my acrylic chenille yarn not too long ago, I was really happy.  Not only did I have more colors to crocheted with, but I also I could complete my collection of acrylic bears.

The first bear you might have seen before, but she is a part of this collection.  Take a look.

This is bear 712, still looking lovely wearing her little treble clef charm and black glittery ribbon.  Let me introduce you to her sisters.

This is bear 722.  She is made from acrylic chenille "bone" color yarn.  She is wearing a ribbon and an apple charm.  She is a little taller than Bear 712.

Bear 723 is trying to give you her heart.  This bear is made from acrylic chenille "syrup" color yarn.  She looks like gold, and the color on your screen may be true to how it looks.  This is my favorite bear in this collection.

Bear 724 is wearing a metal butterfly charm with a black ribbon.  She's "burgundy", but the color looks like a dark rich brown, as well.

The last sister in this collection is Bear 725.  She is made from the color "auburn".  Beautiful, burnt orange, rich color, love it.  She is wearing a lock and a ribbon.  She is so sweet just like her sister.

Well, that's it for the bears in this collection.  I may be taking a small break.  I am thinking about which type of yarn to use next.  Maybe, not chenille, maybe something different.  I'll be sharing newly created bears as I make them.  Thank you for stopping by.

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