Friday, October 14, 2011

Craft Show Photo Album Information

Good morning,

I have been busy crocheting bears almost daily for the craft show.  Getting ready for this event has proven to be a fun project.  I am so glad to get my creative flow back, and I hope it stays with me a while.

I've been keeping you updated about the bears here once the collections are completed, and I have been also adding pictures to my Facebook page.  If you want to visit, follow, or like my Facebook page, here is the web address:  I mainly just update the pictures there with hardly no descriptions of the bears.

I have also made it easier to see all the bears that will be listed for the craft show in one single photo album.  Here is the picture folder on Facebook you can visit to get one quick eye view of all bears planned for the craft show. 

Well, I hope your day is wonderful.  The weekend is here for most folks.  Be safe.  Thanks for coming by.

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