Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bear 664 Offers Peace & Love

This next bear is made from off white mohair thread.  She is around 2 inches tall with a ribbon and pendant that says "peace & love".  A very tiny bear that is ready for her new home.  Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bear 663 Tries To Take You Back

The last time I made a bear was December 2010.  That was 8 months ago, almost 9.  Where have I been this long?  Well, I became a victim of Facebook games.  Yes, I will admit that I got caught up.  Even though, I still peek in, I've determined that it is time that I do something more constructive with my time.

So, last night, I sat down and thought about crocheting a bear.  I had two choices: yarn or thread.  Then remembered I bought mohair thread a while back ago that I never used.  I dug it out of the yarn pile [as you know most people that crochet has yarn piles], got my other bear making supplies, and this is the results.

I used lavendar embroidery floss to make the body, part of the arm, and shoes.  The rest of the body was made from off white mohair.  This bear was based from some bears I designed a while back ago.  Here are some of those bears:

I made these bears during June 2006.  They've all been long adopted, of course.  Soon, I will be listing the newest bear to my bear nursery on eBay.  I haven't decided when this will happen, but I imagine soon.

Well, hopefully, I'll keep making new bears, Lord willing, and I keep sharing with you.  Thank you so much for coming by my blog.  Always wonderful to have visitors.  Take care.